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There is a photo of me at about seven years old with a big home movie camera on my shoulder. It probably weighed about half as much as I did at the time (remember those massive VCR cameras?). Not too many years later I was involved in a broadcasting class in during middle school and my love for cameras has never really stopped. 


After high school I attended Michigan State University taking courses in creative media, but my real eduction came form capturing video and photos of the Michigan State Football team day in and day out. I started working with Mark Dantonio’s teams in 2009, and I held a variety of roles until I left the program to start my own business in 2017. 


Since 2017 I have been committed to helping businesses grow through stunning aerial and architectural images. My goal is to work with you to showcase your work in a way that helps you grow your business.  Click the get a quote button and lets get started today! 

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